April 2012

Need Help Identifying Breyer

Hi there!

I have looked all over with no luck...
I do not collect Breyer horses (yet, hehe) but for giggles I went on a search to find out how much my model horse is worth and/or the name of the mold. I was given it as a gift sometime in the early 1990s. With the lack of luck in my search, I wonder if it is a knock-off? At the same time, it has the (c) Reeves/Breyer stamped on its leg.

Any info would be appreciated!

The New Guy

I tried to post here a week or so ago for the first time, and the post has still not shown up. ? I have been collecting since about 1969, and am looking for a place to "go" in between BreyerFests, where I can find others who share my hobby. I was hoping this was the right place. Please let me know if I am doing something wrong, and that is why I can't find my post when I come back to the site.

Looking for models

I am looking for some certain models at fair prices. Their condition is not as important as their price. If you have these models and are looking to sell them please feel free to email me with a price you want for them. I will reply to all emails within 24 hours even if I am not interested in the purchase. These horses will be going to a good home. I am only interested in the traditional and possibly some classics.No Stablemates.
looking for the following models:
Any in the Phar Lap mold (#476,1192,1272,1307,1470 etc.)
any in the Cedric mold (#1467 etc.)

Collection For Sale

Hi, I am selling a few horses in my collection. I finally got a house, and to make things easier to move I am selling some of the models in my collection. Most of them have been played with so there are a few scratches. If parts are broken off I will let you know. Below I have a list of the models and the price I am asking. Some of the prices are negotiable, some are not. email kkowalski0408@gmail.com if you are interested. Thanks!

Dusty Dun Appaloosa #1119 Pony Of Americas (Captain Oats)

Hello, I am new to this site and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to sell or trade with me for a Dusty Dun Appaloosa #1119. I want this horse model because me and my friends are the biggest fans of the show called "The O.C.". On The O.C. Seth Cohen (one of the main characters) has this horse. I have been searching nonstop for weeks for this horse but no one has it. I would really appreciate it very much if you could get back to me as soon as possible.