June 2012

Little Bits stallions

How can I tell the difference between the alabaster Arabian Stallion 711090 and 9045? Also, same question for the dark bay Thoroughbred Stallion 713267 and 9010? On the thoroughbred, I think I have 713267 because he only has one white stocking. From the pics I've seen, 713267 has only one white stocking but I'm looking for confirmation from someone who knows for sure! Thanks in advance, Lyn

Can you help me identify this particular Breyer please?

I have a horse exactly like the one pictured for sale on eBay. That seller does not know the particulars, and neither do I. Although this is the Native Diver Champion Thoroughbred, it has a copywright symbol, "1984 AM? TM and 20th Century Fox stamped on its right rear leg. Does anyone have any more information on this?

Large Breyer Model Horse Collection For Sale~70's to current, old favorites to new molds

From an adult collector, non-smoking home.  Buyer pays shipping.



Lady Phase $18

Pacer $15

Hanoverian $20

Western Prancing Horse, Buckskin, chipped ear $9

Running Stallion Black Appaloosa $15

Running Stallion Bay $24

Diablo Buckskin Semi-Rearing Mustang $28

Diablo Buckskin Semi-Rearing Mustang older model tail crack $15

Running Foal, bay $7

Stormy, from the Misty set, $8

Vintage Indian Pony in buckskin with warpaint, rare from the '70's (broken leg, have piece) $39

Vintage Scratching Foal in Red Roan, rare from the '60's $22

Quickstep Scratching Foal liver chestnut New In Box retired $18

Action Stock Horse Foal in bay Pinto $10

Burnt Sienna red roan ASB yearling ear rub $10

American Saddlebred Black Pinto Stallion $28

Chubasco Limited Edition Red Pinto Stallion with ribbon ear rubs $32

Caravelle Limited Edition Red Pinto Saddlebred Weanling $18

Zenyatta New In Box $40

Old Bob Abraham Lincoln's Horse, Civil War Sesquicentennial Model, New In Box, Adios mold $40

Clydesdale Mare, brand new Chestnut Sabino $32

Clydesdale Foal, brand new Chestnut Sabino $20

Idocus, New In Box $40

GG Valentine $28

Brookside Pink Magnum Bouncer Mold New In Box $28

Grulla Overo Standing Stock Horse Foal from the brand new Mare/Foal set $16

Appaloosa Foals Bay Appy Ashley Lying Foal brand new from the set $16

War Horse Joey, New In Box with book $65

Weather Girl Rainbow Pintaloosa New In Box $75

Companion Animals~Dogs~Labrador, Retriever, Setter, Dalmation, Foxhound, Corgi, Rottweiler, Sheepdog, Shepherd $10-$15 ea

Set of four AQHA Sire Series Wimpy, Leo, King, Go Man Go, new in boxes with original papers, set of four/$150 OBO

Special Run JCP Unicorn, Andalusian Stallion mold $39

Sears 1988 SR Red Bay Pinto Proud Arabian Mare, discontinued mold HTF $22

Please HELP! Cannot identify this Breyer...

I have a Breyer horse that I cannot identify. I'm not sure of the size (not sure where they measure these horses to get the measurements). This is a larger horse as I have a couple of the smaller size horses. If I had to guess, I would say it is the 12"x9". It has a dark grey body with a white mane and tail and some white on it's face. It is all plastic (including mane and tail). Has a mark on inner thigh that reads Breyer Molding Co. in a circle. No other marks or words. I have pictures. I have looked everywhere and have come up empty handed.

Thank you in advance!