October 2012

Breyer Collection - No boxes - help needed identifying horses

Hi, My Mom recently passed away...in her home my childhood collection from 1980-1999 of @ 100 horses was sent to me. Unfortunately, I have two boys who are more interested in baseball than horses, so I need to sell these models. My Mom's care taker placed the hoses in two boxes and packed them well - however - she did not include the boxes. As a result, I do not recall all of the model's names etc. Would someone be willing to help me identify the models? If so, please email me so I can send you pic's and you will have first dib's on all models.

Thank you, Julie

huge lot of bodies!

Huge lot of chalkboard painted bodies for sale. All chalkboard bodies are complete, also have 3 bodies with missing leg or tail. Traditionals and classics. $15 for traditional, $10 for classic, $5 for broken classics.
Some models include:
QH mare
Qh stallion
San Domingo
Prancing western horse
Classic rain

Also have a traditional Rachel Alexandrnd Padre in LSQ. $65 and $35 respectively.