November 2012

Breyer Sale!

I have many model horses for sale including Breyer Classics and Traditionals. I have some vintage and some that are newer. I also have one ceramic. The names of the models follow:
White mare with brown mane and tail (vintage)- sorry, I have no idea what model this is. I do know that it is on the Jingles Of Pegasus mold.
Brown jumping horse- no stand (vintage)
Black western horse with chain reins- no saddle (vintage)

Advice and Guidance

My mom passed away approximately 6 years ago. She has a collection of Breyer horses from what I am assuming mostly consists of horses from the 80s. I know nothing about Breyer horses and am looking to sell them. Almost all of them include boxes. I am looking for anyone interested in them or pointing me in the right direction as far as what they are worth and coming in contact with people that would be interested in them. Thank you!

Ivy League

I am thinking about parting with my Ivy League Model and I have seen them go from $500 to $800. The model has been wrapped in original plastic and stored in velvet bag. He has never been displayed much less ever taken out of the bag. Unfortunately the original box has been lost. Non-smoker home. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank you!