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Hi! I'm breyerluver8656. I'm just CRAZY about breyer horses! and collect them all the time. In all I have 21 Breyer horses, still collecting! I have my own horse named Reign. Heres some info about her! {Age: 5}~{Color: Dapple Grey}~{Breed: Quarter Horse} Her father and mother(grandparents and so on) are ALL reigning champions. She had an accident a few years ago and tore a tissue in her leg. I do exercises with her everyday, and even though I might have to do it the rest of her life, I love her and will do anything for her and she probably says the same thing about me! I also have a cat named Twizzler and a bunnie named Bun-Bun. (I know isin't it original! lol!). I started collecting breyers about 7 years ago, I just thought they were cool and I bought them from Target. Then I saw there were more sizes! (I was collecting classic at the time) So i started collecting Traditional size. I ONLY collect Traditional breyer size models now, and I LOVE getting new breyers! I am soooooooo excited when new models come out and go and buy them as soon as possibly! So I haven't gone to Breyerfest and I dont think I will be going for a quite a few years. I DO play with my breyers though, and enjoy playing with them very much. Thanks for reading! =D